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DIY Wooden Doormat


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Let’s PARTY!!! Well, virtually anyway…So as we speak, right now, this very instant, 25 AMAZING BLOGGERS are posting their ideas for customizing this DIY Wooden Doormat made by our friends at The Home Depot!


DIY Wooden Door Mat by The Home Depot

DIY Wooden Door Mat by The Home Depot


On Saturday. March 26th at 10:00am, this doormat will be the featured build at Home Depot DIY Workshops across the nation. I know what you’re thinking…is there a class near me? Click HERE to find out!


If you’ve never attended a Home Depot Workshop, there are three types of Workshops—Do-it-Yourself (DIY), Do-it-Herself (DIH), and Kids—geared toward all ages and experience levels. The workshops are held at every store, and offer a variety of topics ranging from home repair to tool instruction, are even building home decor projects!! Not to mention, they’re FREE, and a great place to work on your skills and meet new friends who love to DIY!


The Home Depot Workshop Registration Link by Build Basic


Okay so without further ado, here’s how I customized my doormat:


Build a DIY Wooden Doormat - Building Plans by @BuildBasic www.build-basic.com





I first laid out the 2 x 2 balusters using 3/8-inch nuts as spacers. Once all the slats were aligned, drawing the design onto the boards was easy! From there, I drilled the holes for the ropes, cut along the lines, and then strung all the pieces together. Looking back, I probably could’ve even skipped some of the cuts and just used the contrasting stain/paint colors to highlight the design instead! Either way, I’m THRILLED with how it came out!


DIY Wooden Doormat by Build Basic- Project Opener - Image


Want more customization ideas? Click below to see how the other 24 virtual party bloggers customized their own DIY Wooden Doormat, and then leave me a comment telling me how you’d shake up the design yourself! And don’t forget to register for your local DIY Doormat Workshop at Home Depot and then post your project using #DIYWorkshops!



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