I’ve been missing you all lately as I’ve been away working on my top secret project. As promised, I’m back to finally share the big news! As many of you know I started my career as a writer/producer for This Old House magazine. Well, guess what?! We recently reconnected, and I have been chosen to create and host a new brand they’re launching in Feb 2018!!

House One by This Old House

The new brand is called House One, and delivers all the same great information and advice as This Old House, but for NEW homeowners, renters and DIY’ers who want to get started working with tools, building furniture, designing, renovating, etc.  In the same way I share the basics of woodworking here at Build Basic, House One will cover everything related to owning, renting, building, fixing, upgrading, customizing, styling, and more!


But what about Build Basic?! Fear not. Build Basic is (and always will be) my home, and I could never let it  (or you guys!) go. Simple as that. Build Basic will continue posting as usual! No, I haven’t cloned myself, but I’ve become much smarter with my time so that you can expect the same great projects and tutorials here regularly.


Having said that, you all are my home team and your opinion matters to me more than ANYTHING, so I would love to hear what you think!


I’ll be sharing sneak peeks of House One on Instagram @houseonesocial and Facebook. There’s also a great announcement/article about the launch of House One on AdWeek that has even more information.


Above all, thank you for being patient with me this year. Having a baby and working on this new brand has given me a fair share of growing pains, but your encouragement and support has made it all possible. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart💕 —Jenn


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