Talking Trash…Literally


Today I’m talking trash…literally. Last week I found myself with my head in a trash can wiping egg goo out of the base. Why, you ask? During our kitchen remodel, we invested in awesome pullout trash cans for under the sink. And while we love them, they eliminated any and all storage we had in the “cleaning cabinet” under the sink. With the trash bags relocated to the basement, it’s now a common occurrence to remove the old bag and forget to truck down the steps for a new one. Hence: my head in an unlined trash can wiping egg goo. And so, today I’m sharing plans for a simple trash bag dispenser that sits in the base of the trash can. It works just like a Kleenex box (and kind of looks like one too), but can be easily sized to fit inside any trash can. Now, when the full bag is removed, I just pull up a new one and skip the egg goo situation. Click on the images above to see how easy it is to make your own!


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