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DIY Round Mirror Frame

Build Basic DIY Round Mirror Frame by Katie K - Reader Project

Remember waaaay back when I participated in the One Board Challenge and built a DIY Round Mirror Frame using just ONE 1 x 6 board? Well, it looks like the free plans went to great use by Katie K. because her mirrors—she built TWO—turned out absolutely BEAUTIFUL!


Katie writes: “I actually ended up making it twice; the first time around I used poplar wood and it was a bit of a struggle cutting out the center section with my jigsaw, so I ended up just gluing the mirror right on top of the wood frame instead of placing inside the cut-out circle.  I also used too much glue on the first mirror, and it shows up quite a bit through the stain (dark walnut stain).  So that’s why I tried it a second time (after learning some lessons); I used pine for the second mirror frame and the wood was a little bit thinner, making it easier to cut more accurately with my jigsaw.  I was also much more conscious of the amount of glue I used.  I used the same dark walnut stain but it definitely looks different than the first mirror frame. Thanks for putting these plans on your website; I love my mirror!”

Build Basic DIY Round Mirror Frame by Katie K - Reader Project

Thanks for sharing you photos and tips with us, Katie! Fantastic work!


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And in case you missed it, here’s the original post and plans for this project:

Build a DIY Round Mirror Frame - Building Plans by @BuildBasic