Happy Labor Day Weekend


Who’s ready for the long weekend ahead? Dan and I are headed to a cookout with his work crew, having family over to visit Jack on Saturday, hosting friends and their two littles on Sunday, and, on Monday, taking the day to relax as a family. Which is all to say, this weekend will hold a lot of fun, laughs, yummy food, and outdoor activities. Good thing I just teamed up with The Home Depot to finish a new cornhole game and ladder golf set!

DIY Cornhole Game by Build Basic - BRANDED

I decked the cornhole game with a fun geometric pattern using some leftover back and gray paints I had in the shop.


DIY Ladder Golf by Build Basic - BRANDED


And fitted the ladder golf game with detachable rungs and legs so it’s easy to break down and take on the road.


Click over to The Home Depot Blog for full step-by-step tutorials!


Have a great weekend!


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