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I don’t general write “newsy” blog posts, but I couldn’t miss the chance to shout my excitement from the mountaintop on this one—IKEA is now selling on Amazon!


While I appreciate an inexpensive decor piece or a quick furniture piece I can customize, to me, IKEA = HOURS. Hours sitting in traffic, hours of walking around the store, hours searching the racks for the boxed items I selected, hours contemplating if I really like what’s on my cart when I round the corner and see the huge checkout lines, and, of course, hours standing in line staring at the item I’m purchasing waging a love/hate relationship over the entire Saturday I’ve lost.


In the end, I would rather purchase items online, but Ikea shipping prices are notoriously high. Enter Ikea’s new availability on Amazon!!! Don’t believe me, click HERE to see!!!


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