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When installing drawer and door pulls or knobs, my main gripe with most jigs is that they only place the hole—they don’t guide the drill bit. Should you tilt the bit, it can make threading the hardware onto the angled screw difficult. The good news is that, not only is Kreg’s new Hardware Jig adjustable so you can set it and reuse it multiple times, it also guides the bit straight for easy drilling. While there’s a little play in the measurements on the jig, a quick test on a scrap piece allows for minor adjustments, and then you can basically set and reuse the jig as many times as needed! A HUGE bonus if you’re installing knobs throughout a kitchen or pulls on a piece of furniture with multiple drawers. Read on to see how easily I used it to install new drawer pulls on this DIY Mid-Century Nightstand.


Cost: About $23
Time: 3 Minutes to Set Up
Difficulty: Easy. Just Spin the Knobs to adjust the spread and height of the holes and then clamp to the drawer or door face.
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Kreg Jig Cabinet Hardware Jig

Tape Measure




Note: This list may contain affiliate links

Drawer or Door Face





1. Measure the Drawer Pull Spread


For this tutorial, I’ll be install a drawer pull. First, measure the spread, or distance between, the holes on the back of the hardware.


2. Adjust the Jig’s Spread


Flip the jig over and loosen the threaded gray knobs. This allows you to loosen and adjust the horizontal spacing of the drill holes. Using the measurement markers provided on the jig, ensure the holes are properly spaced apart, and equally spaced from the center of the jig. Tighten the drill holes in place.


3. Adjust the Height of the Holes


Measure from the top of the drawer to the desired height of the pull. Loosen the black knobs on the front of the jig, and then adjust the height using the measurements on the back of the jig.


4. Set the Height of the Pull


Once the arrows are perfectly aligned with the desired measurement, tighten the knobs on the front of the jig.


5. Prep the Drawer


Using a measuring tape or ruler, mark the center of width of the front of the drawer.


6. Place the Jig


Place the jig onto the front of the drawer so that the shelf on the back of the jig rests on the top edge of the drawer. Center the jig using the mark made in Step 5. Clamp the jig securely in place.


7. Drill the Drawer Pull Holes


Using a drill/driver fitted with a bit sized to your hardware’s screws, drill through the holes in the jig and through the drawer front.


8. Remove the Jig


Loosen the clamp and remove the jig from the front of the drawer.


9. Insert the Screws


Push the screws that came with the pulls through the holes inside the drawer until their ends protrude beyond the face of the drawer front.


10. Install the Drawer Pull


Thread the screws into the holes on the backside of the drawer pull. Using a screwdriver, tighten the screws until snug against the inside of the drawer.





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