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Vertical (Succulent) Garden


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Welcome to The Home Depot Virtual Party!! For today’s party, DIY bloggers created a customized version of this beautiful Vertical Succulent Garden…


DIY Vertical Planter Home Depot Workshops


On Thursday, April 20th, this project will be the featured build at Home Depot DIH Workshops across the nation. I know what you’re thinking…is there a class near me? Click HERE to find out! Also, you can click HERE to give your feedback on this and previous workshops!


If you’ve never attended a Home Depot Workshop, there are three types of Workshops—Do-it-Yourself (DIY), Do-it-Herself (DIH), and Kids—geared toward all ages and experience levels. The workshops are held at every store, and offer a variety of topics ranging from home repair to tool instruction, and even building home decor projects!! Not to mention they’re a great place to work on your skills and meet new friends who love to DIY!


The Home Depot Workshop Registration Link by Build Basic


Okay so without further ado, here’s how I customized my Vertical Garden:


DIY Vertical Planter Home Depot Workshops


I first cut and assembled the 1 x 4 top, bottom, and end pieces. To customize my planter, I added a mitered frame to the face of the box. To do this, I glued and nailed mitered 1 x 4 boards flat on the front edge of the planter, flush with the inside edge of the box. Next I added chicken wire and landscaping fabric, before finishing with soil and a plywood backing. Lastly, I added plants (you can choose succulents or other hanging plants from your local Home Depot). Because we’re in the northeast, and our weather hasn’t quite warmed up yet, I added some plants (real and not-so-real for now—wink wink) and plan to hang this indoors until we set up the deck in a few weeks!

What do you think? How would you customize this project?

DIY Vertical Planter by Build Basic - Home Depot Workshops



Want more customization ideas? Click below to see how the other virtual party bloggers customized their own Vertical Succulent Garden! And don’t forget to register for your local DIY Vertical Succulent Garden DIH Workshop at Home Depot and then post your project using #DIHWorkshops!



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  1. Brandi

    I absolutely love the way your planter box turned out! The plants and flowers you chose compliment it so nicely! Beautiful work!

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