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Today we’re celebrating the first “birthday” of Build Basic! For me, it’s nearly impossible to believe it has already been a year since our launch. What started out as a personal quest to help friends “get their feet wet” with woodworking and DIY, has sooooo quickly turned into this amazing community full of new friends and passionate people wanting to create. I can honestly say that, for the past year, not a day goes by that I don’t feel incredibly blessed and honored. Blessed to be surrounded by such supportive, brave DIY’ers, and honored to be invited into your lives to share something so near and dear to my heart.


And so, without further ado, with the help of my lazy assistant (i.e. my pup who sleeps though almost every day on the job, including this one) I’m blowing out the candles and cutting the cake on this first year, and hoping you’ll all join me on this journey for many more years to come!


Check out today’s new building plans for this

DIY Cake Stand


Build a DIY Cake Stand - Building Plans by @BuildBasic

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Build Basic!

  1. Teddy Crafts (@teddy_main)

    I just came across your site today! Happy belated birthday! I always struggle with tutorials as I have dyslexia (with numbers) and some tutorials are just a mush of number soup! with measurement’s etc.. yours however along with the photo’s are incredibly helpful.. mahoosive thanks! #beautifulsitetoo

  2. lelobo

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUILD BASIC. Way to go Jenn, the year went by so fast, plenty of great projects and fun.
    Thanks & Congrats Jenn.

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