Let’s just say my family didn’t looove it when I paused the whole buffet line to check out the handmade trivet that inspired this project, but the result was well worth it. With just a few ½-inch square dowels from the homecenter, some twine and a few nuts, this handy trivet can be pulled together before the dinner bell rings.



Cost: $4

Time: 1 hour

Difficulty: Easy. Just drill holes in each square dowel, separate them with nuts, and then run twine through the holes to hold them together.

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Ruler or Speed Square

Handsaw or Miter Saw

Drill Driver

(3) ½” x ½” x 36″ Square Dowel



(24) #6 Nuts

High-Heat Clear Coat

Slats – 13 @ 9 inches (Or cut at 8 7/8-inches to get four slats out of a 36″ stick from the home center.)




1. Cut and Prep the Slats


Using the cut list above, cut the square dowels to size using a handsaw or miter saw. Lay the slats side-by-side with their ends aligned. Make a registration mark near one end of each slat. Now mark a line across the slats that’s 1½-inches from the end of each slat. Repeat on the opposite end. I also rolled the slats to an adjacent face a marked additional lines 1½-inches from each end just to have an extra guide while drilling in Step 2.

www.Build-Basic.com2. Drill the Holes


Using a drill driver and a 1/8-inch drill bit, drill holes through the center of the second set of lines marked in step one.


3. Prep the Twine


Cut a piece of twine to about 15 inches. Wrap a piece of tape around the end of the twine to help guide it through the holes in each slat. Repeat to create a second piece of twine prepped with tape.


4. Thread the Twine


Guide the pieces of twine through the holes in the first slat.


5. Add the Spacers


Side a nut onto each piece of twine. These nuts will act as a spacer between the first and second slat.


6. Finish Threading the Twine and Spacers


Continue threading the twine through the holes in the slats, adding a nut to each piece of twine between each slat.


7. Secure the Twine


Once both pieces of twine are threaded through the holes in all the slats, tie a double knot near the end of each piece. Pull the knots tight against the first slat, and then tie another double knot in each piece of twine against the end slat. Paint or stain and finish with a clear coat of high-heat spray paint (See Materials list above).




2 thoughts on “Build a DIY Slatted Trivet

  1. Janet

    This was a quick and fun project to do. Have not found the high heat spray in clear locally. So far I have only found it on Amazon


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