One Board Challenge

  What happens when you challenge 17 woodworking bloggers to design and build a project using only ONE 1x8x8 board? Awesomeness. Click the image below to see how I constructed a DIY Round Mirror Frame, and scroll down to check out what my builder blogging besties came up with!       Click These Links to see more AMAZING #OneBoardChallenge Projects from your (and my) Favorite Bloggers!  

Four in a Row Yard Game by Build Basic for HThe Home Depot - Opener

Photo Credit: Ashley Largesse Photography Most projects here at Build Basic are brainstormed on a napkin or the back of a receipt, and then move quickly into the sketch, prep, and building stages. But when The Home Depot invited me to participate in a Lumber DIY Challenge, I found myself with a case of builder block–a close kin to writer’s block, which I experienced waaay too many times throughout my years in the Magazine industry. Somehow I found myself daydreaming… Read more »

Kreg Jig Giveaway Winner Announced by

What a week we’ve had here at Build Basic! Let’s just say I was nothing short of shocked to see how many of you stopped by to check out the DIY Outdoor Storage Box and enter the Kreg Jig K4 Master System Giveaway. As a DIYer, it proved I’m not the only one who loves Kreg’s tools, and as a business owner, it reiterated my motto of only working with brands I truly believe in, and trust. And so, without further… Read more »

Kreg Jig Giveaway by Build Basic -

Note: This post contains affiliate links, but all opinions are 100% my own. It’s no secret that I’m a HUGE fan of Kreg Jig and their fantastic tools. So, needless to say, I was beyond excited to have the opportunity to team up with them on a recent project and for this giveaway!   I just recently upgraded my R3 to the K4 Master System, and, let me tell you, this is a HUGE win for one lucky reader. I’ve… Read more »

May Your Path by Anchored by Passion - By Jenn at Build Basic

May Your Path Be Anchored by Passion     If you’re following Build Basic on Instagram, you know I traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah last week to attend a conference for DIY bloggers. I spent the full four days feeling completely inspired by the unbelievably talented writers, photographers, crafters, and woodworkers who share their talents–and their lives–with us through their blogs.   Naturally there were moments I felt in awe of the creativity of the people around me, moments… Read more »

Our First Video by Build Basic

Our First Video!   When I started Build Basic, I vowed to make each project’s instructions as visual as possible. As a visual learner myself, I knew the extra time it took to declutter a photo, or put together an extra drawing, could potentially make all the difference between a fellow DIY’er being gloriously triumphant versus horribly frustrated. And so, in the name of exploring all visual avenues, I figure it’s time to dip my toe in the video pool…in… Read more »

Jenn's talking Trash - Blog post by @BuildBasic

Talking Trash…Literally   Today I’m talking trash…literally. Last week I found myself with my head in a trash can wiping egg goo out of the base. Why, you ask? During our kitchen remodel, we invested in awesome pullout trash cans for under the sink. And while we love them, they eliminated any and all storage we had in the “cleaning cabinet” under the sink. With the trash bags relocated to the basement, it’s now a common occurrence to remove the… Read more »

Jenn Build Basic Kitchen Remodel

What I Forgot to Add in Our Kitchen Remodel I have a confession. While I LOVED renovating our kitchen–i.e. tearing down walls, ripping out cabinets, laying new flooring…the big stuff–picturing the functionality of the end result was a bit difficult for me. I was so focused on the layout and materials that I forgot to think about the little add-ons that really make a space function. A rack for spices, a holder for large pans, an organizer for new drawers,… Read more »

Reader Project- Cookbook Stand by

Reader Project Cookbook Stand   Schon from Ashburn, VA used Build Basic’s Cookbook Stand plans to build a holder for her daughter’s organizer/planner. See the steps below to get her beautifully distressed finish, and head over to our project plans to see how to build your own! One Apply wood putty to joints. Once putty is dry, sand the parts smooth. Two Apply a coat of Zinsser shellac. Schon suggests hand-rubbing the shellac versus using a brush. Three Apply two… Read more »

Make a Valentine Mailbox Stand – Project by @BuildBasic

Valentine Mailbox Stand   I’m a sucker for the discount bins at Target. (1) They get you right when you walk in the door before you can remember why you came into the store. (2) They always have at least one thing you must have that you never knew you needed until right now (see my gray-to-gold elephant transformation). (3) Even if you might be on the fence about picking something up, the inexpensive price leave you with no choice…. Read more »