May Your Path by Anchored by Passion - By Jenn at Build Basic

May Your Path Be Anchored by Passion     If you’re following Build Basic on Instagram, you know I traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah last week to attend a conference for DIY bloggers. I spent the full four days feeling completely inspired by the unbelievably talented writers, photographers, crafters, and woodworkers who share their talents–and their lives–with us through their blogs.   Naturally there were moments I felt in awe of the creativity of the people around me, moments… Read more »

Our First Video by Build Basic

Our First Video!   When I started Build Basic, I vowed to make each project’s instructions as visual as possible. As a visual learner myself, I knew the extra time it took to declutter a photo, or put together an extra drawing, could potentially make all the difference between a fellow DIY’er being gloriously triumphant versus horribly frustrated. And so, in the name of exploring all visual avenues, I figure it’s time to dip my toe in the video pool…in… Read more »

Jenn's talking Trash - Blog post by @BuildBasic

Talking Trash…Literally   Today I’m talking trash…literally. Last week I found myself with my head in a trash can wiping egg goo out of the base. Why, you ask? During our kitchen remodel, we invested in awesome pullout trash cans for under the sink. And while we love them, they eliminated any and all storage we had in the “cleaning cabinet” under the sink. With the trash bags relocated to the basement, it’s now a common occurrence to remove the… Read more »

Jenn Build Basic Kitchen Remodel

What I Forgot to Add in Our Kitchen Remodel I have a confession. While I LOVED renovating our kitchen–i.e. tearing down walls, ripping out cabinets, laying new flooring…the big stuff–picturing the functionality of the end result was a bit difficult for me. I was so focused on the layout and materials that I forgot to think about the little add-ons that really make a space function. A rack for spices, a holder for large pans, an organizer for new drawers,… Read more »

Reader Project- Cookbook Stand by

Reader Project Cookbook Stand   Schon from Ashburn, VA used Build Basic’s Cookbook Stand plans to build a holder for her daughter’s organizer/planner. See the steps below to get her beautifully distressed finish, and head over to our project plans to see how to build your own! One Apply wood putty to joints. Once putty is dry, sand the parts smooth. Two Apply a coat of Zinsser shellac. Schon suggests hand-rubbing the shellac versus using a brush. Three Apply two… Read more »

Make a Valentine Mailbox Stand – Project by @BuildBasic

Valentine Mailbox Stand   I’m a sucker for the discount bins at Target. (1) They get you right when you walk in the door before you can remember why you came into the store. (2) They always have at least one thing you must have that you never knew you needed until right now (see my gray-to-gold elephant transformation). (3) Even if you might be on the fence about picking something up, the inexpensive price leave you with no choice…. Read more »

Gold-Painted Elephant – Craft by @BuildBasic

      Gold-Painted Elephant NOTE: This post may contain affiliate links. To see our full disclosure policy, click HERE   What’s my secret weapon when it comes to getting the perfect gold finish? You might be surprised to know it’s NOT a spray paint…it’s actually an oil-based product called American Accents that’s made by Rust-oleum. I prefer the Gold Metallic color in a satin finish. Why do I prefer it? It’s fast drying, has a nice flow that hides… Read more »

This Old House by Jennifer Stimpson

Throwback Thursday Today, I’m embracing TBT (Throwback Thursday) here on the blog. As I announced in our Newsletter today, I’m heading back to my roots, and teaming up with my old friends at This Old House and Time Inc. on their new décor and DIY website The Snug. Today, on their homepage, you’ll find Build Basic’s latest project, a Midcentury-style Nightstand. I do hope you’ll check out the Nightstand and the awesome site my friend Tabitha, and her crew, have… Read more »

Make a Giving Plate – Project by @BuildBasic

  The Giving Plate Every year I struggle with grab gifts. I actually love putting a lot of thought into giving the perfect giving, but finding something for under $10 that any one of our many guests could enjoy, seems impossible. This year, I’ve decided to skip the shopping and make something we can hopefully all enjoy for years to come. The idea of The Giving Plate is to pass it on at parties and gatherings, like a little chain… Read more »

Welcome to Build Basic - @BuildBasic

Welcome! Welcome to the Build Basic Blog. I’m so excited to have this corner to connect and share some of the really fun parts of the Build Basic planning process you don’t get to see on the site. If we haven’t met yet, I’m Jenn, the one buried under all the hats here at BB. You can click on the About tab to learn more. For now, I’ll just say…after years working in the magazine industry and a lifetime of… Read more »